Thursday, November 3, 2011

Excellence in Job

A German once visited a temple under construction where he saw a sculptor making an idol of God. Suddenly he noticed a similar idol lying nearby. Surprised, he asked the sculptor, "Do you need two statues of the same idol?" "No," said the sculptor without looking up, "We need only one, but the first one got damaged at the last stage." The gentleman examined the idol and found no apparent damage. "Where is the damage?" he asked. "There is a scratch on the nose of the idol." said the sculptor, still busy with his work. "Where are you going to install the idol?"

The sculptor replied that it would be installed on a pillar twenty feet high. "If the idol is that far, who is going to know that there is a scratch on the nose?" the gentleman asked. The sculptor stopped work, looked up at the gentleman, smiled and said, "I will know it."

The desire to excel is exclusive of the fact whether someone else appreciates it or not. "Excellence" is a drive from inside, not outside. Excellence is not for someone else to notice but for your own satisfaction and efficiency...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

God makes me to confess (Peshi)

Dear Friends,

I am back!!!

As you all have been reading the last post, about ‘New Start at sector 30 Noida’. I mentioned a company named IQOR, where I got a job by the God grace. To get this job, I didn’t try so much. It was just a smooth unexpected destiny made by the creator.

Here, I would like to go ahead and give you a brief picture of IQOR work & the resignation.
On 8th Feb, I started my first day at IQOR as a trainee, then, on 16th Feb, I got post of a Junior Agent. My portfolio was, to collect debt ($$$) from US people on call, get the credit card number and process the payment. From 16th to 28th Feb, I got trained by senior agents & team leader on the process of calls. On 1st March, the real dialing to US started, we have our monthly target, which we need to fulfill for bonus and performance. I don’t know how, but, I achieved all targets and in one of the months, I got 2nd rank in our portfolio, that month I collected around $2600, which was 250% of our normal target. And you know who the first, Adesh Pawar was. He was the only friend I got, to whom I can talk; I meant to say by nature & behavior. We both were very weak in American accent and English but still unfortunately we hit all month’s target.

After 7 months of calling, due to changes of HR policies at IQOR, I and my colleagues decided to leave this company. We were not interested to leave but, it feels that company had some plans to settle their cost and benefit ratio.

In this seven months I got stayed in three different locations, first one, God fixed me with some gursikhs friends then second I stayed with Annu Grover  an entrepreneur in environment protection field and third, the last one in Noida sector 46, all guys were from IQOR only, and you can imagine what kind of environment they would be having. Every day they have party (drinks, chicken & cigarettes), and I was the only one who neither drink nor eat non-veg and the worst thing was no internet connection. That time, I was totally involved in playing travian game (Internet based game), I had 15 villages and just on an edge of fighting with Natars, and due to internet problem, I was looted like anything, people raped my all villages. If you know this game you can understand the situation without internet.

Ok, let’s talk about the when tragedy happened to me, I passed 3 months in this place. First month, I was ignoring everything  like drinks, non-veg etc. To be honest, I don’t know, why couldn’t able to find any other place to live, this was the only place which was cheaper and comfortable I choose. I meant I don’t know why I got to be there. Ok, so, after passing some days, I don’t know what happened, I also started drinking beer and eating non vege, my mind was diverting and thought that the beer is ok, there is only 5 to 8% alcohol and this much of alcohol also available when we take medicines, so go ahead.  I read all the instruction carefully when started drinking and also Google the process to make beer, I found, apart from alcohol it has many other ingredients which are suitable to body and if you drink beer in limited quantity it would be helpful to your health and you may gain some weight. These things, I also consulted with a doctor, and he suggested the same. That time, I didn’t think even a hymn from Gurbani what gurbani says 'NO' to this. I was just trying to be gaining weight and, beer was the only solution I found, I don’t know why I never thought on fruits, milk, butter, and other non veg & non alcoholic things, where were also a substitute to be healthy & heavy. So, I started drinking a beer per day and also having chicken once in a week (home made Jhatka) waheguru waheguru waheguru. I am sure it was, due to wrong congregation of people (as per of Gurbani). I was unknown and a murakh (insane) in understanding my own life and manipulating it with my own understanding, my mind was totally disturbed. Everything was going in other ways. Then, after three months of this congregation when I totally busted myself with all these things and full of other thoughts, I decided to leave IQOR and shift to Gurgaon on another job. At the time of leaving, all my mates suggested first, find a job in Gurgaon then shift. But, I was sure I will get something, and it was very difficult to find a job in Gurgaon if you are in Noida (It is around 40 to 50 km). So, I decided to move to Gurgaon and left IQOR with a good note.

                                                                          In Gurgaon, waheguru ji again welcomes me to an awesome place to live on cheaper rate with clean and unlimited food, it was in sector 17, you would be shocked the name of the PG was Guru Nanak Farm House, it was very clean and with a garden, every room has a refrigerator, TV etc. (I was planned to put some beers and enjoy, because I was totally lost my sense of humor on life/career, I lose my all contacts, I was only in contact with my family and no one else), this type of PG you can’t find in Gurgaon on this rate.  Here, I started to find jobs and appeared for many interviews in all kind of call centers but didn’t go through with anyone. At this time, I also started to buy stocks and trade online. And, I lost around 80k in trading, oh my god. Then, my mind, as it was totally unlinked from waheguruji, thought to leave this PG without informing to anyone. You know, what came to my frustrated mind that left everything and move to Amritsar, even do not inform to family. Just leave everything ‘JUST LEAVE’ and start something new in Amritsar. Strange, hannn... I don’t know why Amritsar, why not Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and even Indore (My home) if an MBA graduate with all kind of research experience with IIM and other foreign universities, also some knowledge on gurmat life, thought all these crap, then it describes I have unbalanced mind. I might be wrong here. If anyone know the name of this disease and also the solution then please post your comments.

Dear friend, here we go, I shifted to Amritsar, luckily, I found a place at Maqbool raod a single furnished room Rs.2000/month (very cheap), fully decided to live there for at least 3 months. But, Informed to home about this, don’t worry. I was alive because I love waheguruji and have fear to waheguru. He sent me on earth to do good things, and also, this is the only life where we can meet waheguruji, So, I didn’t want to go to him before meet him here. And, as per of my present mind, all bad things were happening but I was still positive, whatever was happening that’s all under hukam (Command), were practically not manageable. Everyday, I woke up do naam jap and nitnem (if waheguru wish), then play with stock market till 3 pm then no work, sometimes go to darbar sahibji for seva or watch movies, I was really not looking at the jobs advertisement seriously, and since many days I was losing money, till then, I lost 90k in shares. Everyday, I thought I can make it and level it but, again waheguru ji do whatever he thinks to do is good. I accept. My mother and relatives all were waiting for my marriage decision, when I have a fix job then I can plan for marriage, I was 26, and waheguru knows how to do this, I have no thinking to look on this. I believe when my mind says yes go for marriage that would be a decision from waheguruji.

I was not stopped to play with stock market, and again on the same track of loosing and loosing every day, no growth/earn. But, one day, when I went to Darbar Sahibji (Golden temple), spontaneously, at the Akal Takhat place I have seen many Sikhs even non sikhs sitting in a row for Amrit Sanchar (, I thought yes, I was also sitting here some years back. Then, suddenly, my mind revised all my years and kirat, sadh sangat, gurbani etc. At that moment, my mind was pulled me to sit inside the gurudwara sahibji for some time and ask waheguru ji that whatever happened to me in past three to four months was it under your hukam (command)?

I know everything happens it happens under your command none of leaf can heal or move without your decision. Then, you are the only one to rearrange all these manipulation and corruption happened with soul.  And then, it happened, waheguru ji started to rearrange everything. Next day, again, I went to Gurudwara sahibji and asked to Gyani ji (Priest), waheguruji, I want to do confession (Peshi - stand to Punj pyare ji), due to some other congregation of people, I got drunk and eat non veg. Please suggest any day, when I should come to you and do this. He said, dear I am glad to see you here with your mistakes I suggest you should come on Wednesday, because we do this process every week on Wednesday and Sunday only, when we have new people and also experienced like you for Amrit sanchar & confession. That’s great, I will be coming on Wednesday, thanks. Again, its unexpected moment happened to me. After this meeting, I was like uhhhh god relaxed no tension, no mind blocks, everything looks great. I came to Amritsar on 1st Nov, 2010 and in just three days, my mind was totally diverted to do the confession, it meant whatever happened was wrong to me or I am not sure what was it but whatever it was, wasn’t fit to gurbani/waheguruji/god. I think that’s why I was in Amritsar after all. Then I decided to go home and find job their but I have to book the ticket for 26th November, 2010 or later. I thought to explore Amritsar and at least stay for a month because I deposited the rent and some advances to owner of the house. And, I was told to him to stay for at least three months, due to this I can’t go. Surprisingly, I had chance to enjoy Diwali & Prakash Purab (Birthday) of Guru Nanak sahibji (Founder of Sikh religion – a true path of life) at Amritsar sahibji.

Ok, so we were talking about my confession. I went to Gurudwara sahibji on Wednesday morning at 11 am, the process started at 12 noon. At the time of confession, the five beloved ( of Guru Gobind Singh ji asked whoever drink alcohol come other side of the room, I was scared, waheguruji please forgive me, it happened knowingly/unknowingly it will not happen again but punish me whatever way you like, everything accepted. Then, they called everyone personally and asked why you are here? What you did? I said I drunk and ate non veg two months ago, he asked did you know that it is not allowed then you drink? Or unknowingly? I said both; it was some manipulation of my mind/mann and friend circle (manmukh sangat). He said ok, then he gave me some punishment it was on reading gurbani for 21 days (this figure is just random) when you complete this come to us and offer some karah parshad ( to darbar sahibji, that’s it. I said yes, ok, thanks for this. Then, I did request/ardas to waheguruji, please help/support me to do complete this seva, give me some strength to fulfill your task.

Dear friends, the purpose of my stay in Amritsar was decided by waheguruji not me, and just for confession. You see, I came to Amritsar on 1st Nov, confession on 4th Nov, and on 2nd Nov, I booked my train ticket to Indore for 26th Nov. 21 days of punishment successfully finished on 25th Nov (the Birthday of Guru Nanak Sahibji). 26th Nov, waheguru ji sent me back to my Home with tons of positive power and patience. Then, next month, I called to my best friend (Rishi Rajwanshi, State head) at best organization in the world in Pratham ( in Rajasthan, asked, do you have any job available for me? He said whatttt…. Actually, I was talking to him after a year, he tried to contact me on facebook, orkut etc but due to all these happening I blocked myself and close my all accounts.

So, he was very upset to me. I didn’t know how to say sorry and then he said I am giving you call back in five min then we will talk. He called back and started ‘youuuu “some veg abuses…..i can’t write sorry” always called at the time crisis, where you been, no call no facebook, no email…now what happened why me…after me then he said ok ok, yes I have one…great you called me today, I was about to give that position or closing that position but now let me talk to my seniors then you can join and come to Jaipur for a little punishment and then move to Bijainagar (My field), there you need to handle a project on skilling NREGA workers. I know education is new field to you but this is the only survival point I have for you to work, I hope its good. I said awesome…totally fine, I thought you would be going to give me a job of cleaning your office windows and floor.  Again, not faced any interview for this, It’s all because of my batch mate.

I worked here for two and half months only because waheguruji already fixed my next place to an organization which I was trying to join since 2007, it was JPAL (Jameel Poverty Action Lab). Now read, how I got into this. In the mid of March, I applied to USAID for a Research Associate job on a research project, this job was like an Agri consultant on a good package. Then after two days I also got the interview call from them, and had an hour discussion on project and term of job. They were satisfied and scheduled my final interview in Delhi on 24th March, 2011. It was awesome. But then, just after this interview, same day in the evening Rishi called me and gave a sweet shock, said I got a call from Executive director (ED) of JPAL asking about you like Is Perwinder free, can we take him to JPAL? I replied yes go ahead, he is free. Rishi to me: so, you are going to receive a call from ED may be tonight, or tomro so be prepare for the talk. Ok, thanks that’s great news. I would like to tell you one more thing, I also got a call from USAID and given interview, was good and they scheduled next interview on 24th, what do you think? Then he said you fool…I am trying to fix you in JPAL because you were interested and deserve this job, now again running out of your nest, as you wish this is your life, no problem. Let me know when you done with JPAL interview. And, I was completely mum, I couldn’t think any answer on this, I just said ok dear, I think you are right, well I let you know, bye. Just after this call, my phone rung and it was JPAL. Oh god, I even didn’t prepare for this. Ok, waheguru ji take care of this call please, call started at around 7:30 pm and ended at 9 pm. Finally, it looks great, first time in my career, cleared an interview. Hey wait, but this was not the final, it was just the first interview as ED said to me.

                                              Now, I was hanging between USAID and JPAL, where to go if selected. Then again, which I always do, I requested to waheguruji whatever you like just do it, I have no problem. I know, one side I have a good package and, other side I have top most expertise to learn. Here, you know what happened…I have already booked the ticket for 23rd to go to Delhi for interview at USAID but then on 22nd there was a Jat protest going on against reservation, they have blocked all the train routes which were going to Delhi from Rajasthan and I would say it was fortunate, my train was from Bijainagar near to Ajmer (Rajasthan), and all trains cancelled on this route. Then, I tried to talk to USAID to have interview on skype, they said NO, we can’t do this, you have to be in Delhi for final, then they schedule it on 26th March, but still the protest was on and I couldn’t make it. Then, I did the final conversation with them, I disclosed my JPAL interview to them that it would be great if you could do the interview on skype and if it sounds good I can join you and other way is that if JPAL called me before the final interview with you and selected then I have to join them on 3rd April in the field. If I didn’t make it to JPAL then I can come to Delhi on 5th April for final interview, let me know your views, they said No to the first option that we cant do the video conferencing we have some other members also in the panel who are going judge you on job skills, and other option sounds ok, you can come to Delhi on 7th April for the interview but do let us know your JPAL interview in advance, because I am going out of India and coming back to Delhi on 6th April, if you are coming then I need to schedule other members also on the same day for you, so let me know before 1st April. I said that’s great, sure, I will.

I didn’t get any call from JPAL but I got an appointment letter on email directly, on 27th March, 2011. That’s it, I dropped USAID.

Thanks to waheguruji for this. Now, I am in Delhi on Haryana Education Project.  
Let you know the experience in kurukshetra & JPAL soon!!!
Thanks for reading

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Enlightening Thoughts

The Truth about Human Tongue:- It Takes 3 yrs to Learn how to use it.But,It takes Lifetime to Learn When & where to use it..!

Leave "something" for "someone" but never leave "someone" for something" life "something" will leave u but "someone" willalways b with u!!!


Always ask GOD to give you what you deserve,Not what you desire.Your desires may be few but you deserve a lot....

If GOD meant each day 2 b PERFECT, he would not have created tomorrows,
So dont worry if today was not that PERFECT,
U still have tomorrow...


When GOD is going to do something wonderful, He begins with difficulty. If it's going to be something very wonderful, He begins with impossibility. Always believe and never quit. Live a life full of miracles and possibilities.
‎"Only 842 Girls Are Left For Every 1000 Boys In India..
Save Girls,
We Can Save The Tigers Later!!"

Bike Pe Piche wife Chahiye Ya Tiger???
Morning is not only sunrise but a beautyful miracle of god that defeates darkness and spread light may,dis be a very beautyful day for all my friendzz ....
God upsets our plan only so that he can setup his new plan for us. 
We see our present & plan for future, he sees our future & plans for present.
God dsn't like d hardness of Tongue & Heart,
thats why he made them boneless!"
Without God our week would be: Sinday, Mournday, Tearsday, Wasteday, Thirstday, Fightday & Shatterday
Facts :END is not end.
Infact E.N.D Means Effort Never Dies. NO is Not Negative Word
NO Means
Next Opportunity. So Think positive , Success is yours
No candle looses any of its light while lighting up another candle..
So never stop helping others because it makes ur life more meaningful...
Most Superior Exmple of Love in Our Life . . ."When Apples are 4 & We are 5 Members in the House, Then Our Mother Says,"I don't Like Apples"...:)


Its not created by me...its all copy paste but wonderful to understand truth

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life is a Gift

Dear reader,
A human life is not belongs to any religion, It is just like Animals and Plants.  
This is about life. Life, you are living with the help of air (Oxygen). Everyone in this universe need air to live or run. Animals get birth and live as per of design they receive from creator, but human get change as per of religion, WHY? This human body is the only structure who has very sharp mind to think, athletic, etc. beyond animals can do, Why? Dear, this human body is the only soul who can meet with our creator, others are just passing their life but a human can stop this reincarnation if he understand and meditate to life. Just think for that moment when you got your first breath while birth (After three months in the stomach)

Human birth is supreme amongst all life forms as it provides an opportunity for the soul to end its journey of births and deaths and merge in God. For this the humans must realize what they are here for and conduct their life accordingly. This is taught by the scriptures which are Sri Guru Granth Sahib and compositions of the tenth Guru for the Sikhs. The compositions are called Banis. 

Page: 1204

swrg mhlw 5 ]
saarag mehalaa 5 |
Saarang, Fifth Mehl:

mweI siq siq siq hir siq siq siq swDw ]
maaee sath sath sath har sath sath sath saadhaa |
O mother, True, True True is the Lord, and True, True, True is His Holy Saint.

bcnu gurU jo pUrY kihE mY CIik gWTrI bwDw ]1] rhwau ]
bachan guroo jo poorai kehiou mai sheek gaatharee baadhaa |1| rehaao |
The Word which the Perfect Guru has spoken, I have tied to my robe. ||1||Pause||

In the following you can read what Sri Guru Granth Sahibji says:

Page: 922

ey srIrw myirAw hir qum mih joiq rKI qw qU jg mih AwieAw ]
eae sareeraa maeriaa har thum mehi joth rakhee thaa thoo jag mehi aaeiaa |
O my body, the Lord infused His Light into you, and then you came into the world.

hir joiq rKI quDu ivic qw qU jg mih AwieAw ]
har joth rakhee thudh vich thaa thoo jag mehi aaeiaa |
The Lord infused His Light into you, and then you came into the world. 

Page: 922

ey srIrw myirAw iesu jg mih Awie kY ikAw quDu krm kmwieAw ]
eae sareeraa maeriaa eis jag mehi aae kai kiaa thudh karam kamaaeiaa |
O my body, why have you come into this world? What actions have you committed?

ik krm kmwieAw quDu srIrw jw qU jg mih AwieAw ]
k karam kamaaeiaa thudh sareeraa jaa thoo jag mehi aaeiaa |
And what actions have you committed, O my body, since you came into this world?

ijin hir qyrw rcnu ricAw so hir min n vswieAw ]
jin har thaeraa rachan rachiaa so har man n vasaaeiaa |
The Lord who formed your form - you have not enshrined that Lord in your mind.

gur prswdI hir mMin visAw pUrib iliKAw pwieAw ]
gur parasaadhee har mann vasiaa poorab likhiaa paaeiaa |
By Guru's Grace, the Lord abides within the mind, and one's pre-ordained destiny is fulfilled.

khY nwnku eyhu srIru prvwxu hoAw ijin siqgur isau icqu lwieAw ]35]
kehai naanak eaehu sareer paravaan hoaa jin sathigur sio chith laaeiaa |35|
Says Nanak, this body is adorned and honored, when one's consciousness is focused on the True Guru. ||35||

Page: 1193

nwnku ismrY eyku nwmu iPir bhuiV n DweI ]1]
naanak simarai eaek naam fir bahurr n dhaaee |1|
O Nanak, remember in meditation the One Name, and you shall never again be consigned to the womb of reincarnation.. ||1||

Dear friend, whatever you are in, all are temporary, God made them to support you as a bridge to meet your goal:

Ainq´ ivqM Ainq´ icqM Ainq´ Awsw bhu ibiD pRkwrM ]
anitha vithan anitha chithan anitha aasaa bahu bidh prakaaran |
Wealth is temporary; conscious existence is temporary; hopes of all sorts are temporary.

Ainq´ hyqM AhM bMDM Brm mwieAw mlnµ ibkwrM ]
anitha haethan ahan bandhan bharam maaeiaa malanan bikaaran |
The bonds of love, attachment, egotism, doubt, Maya and the pollution of corruption are temporary.

iPrMq join Anyk jTrwgin nh ismrMq mlIx buD´M ]
firanth jon anaek jatharaagan neh simaranth maleen budhaan |
The mortal passes through the fire of the womb of reincarnation countless times. He does not remember the Lord in meditation; his understanding is polluted.

hy goibMd krq mieAw nwnk piqq auDwrx swD sMgmh ]16]
hae gobindh karath maeiaa naanak pathith oudhaaran saadh sangameh |16|
O Lord of the Universe, when You grant Your Grace, even sinners are saved. Nanak dwells in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. ||16||

In this life you are not allowed to say lie, because it is a very short and sweet gift, and you should live it with honesty and to know the truth of life. Heaven and Hell both, you will face in your life only, there is no heaven and hell after death.

Page: 656

soriT sorath

<> siqgur pRswid ]
ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh |
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

bhu prpMc kir pr Dnu ilAwvY ] suq dwrw pih Awin lutwvY ]1]
bahu parapanch kar par dhan liaavai | suth dhaaraa pehi aan luttaavai |1|
Practicing great hypocrisy, he acquires the wealth of others. Returning home, he squanders it on his wife and children. ||1||

mn myry BUly kptu n kIjY ] AMiq inbyrw qyry jIA pih lIjY ]1] rhwau ]
man maerae bhoolae kapatt n keejai | anth nibaeraa thaerae jeea pehi leejai |1| rehaao |O my mind, do not practice deception, even inadvertently. In the end, your own soul shall have to answer for its account. ||1||Pause||

iCnu iCnu qnu CIjY jrw jnwvY ] qb qyrI Ek koeI pwnIE n pwvY ]2]
shin shin than sheejai jaraa janaavai | thab thaeree ouk koee paaneeou n paavai |2|
Moment by moment, the body is wearing away, and old age is asserting itself. And then, when you are old, no one shall pour water into your cup. ||2||

khqu kbIru koeI nhI qyrw ] ihrdY rwmu kI n jpih svyrw ]3]9]
kehath kabeer koee nehee thaeraa | hiradhai raam kee n japehi savaeraa |3|9|
Says Kabeer, no one belongs to you. Why not chant the Lord's Name in your heart, when you are still young? ||3||9||

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New start from Sec 30, Noida, India

Dear Friends,

By chance, I got a job at IQOR. Which was not @all my cup of tea. But still, everything is a gift by your owner of soul, and this job, gave me a survival on the Earth. Lets talk about some positive points on this. If I join this, I am going to improve my communication & negotiation skills with multiple tasks, Pro-activeness, Lateral thinking, Creativity etc.  In this job, we need to do a proper negotiation with Americans on their outstanding debts.

Lets talk about how I got into this job. Since, Nov/2009, when I left IFMR, I was searching for jobs and also doing some short term research assignments for Chicago University. During that time, I spent around two to three months in searching and giving interviews. I have given around 10 interviews which were perfectly matching to my goals and demands. But, fortunately, I could not be selected to anyone as I never ever cleared any job interview in my life. By this, I also learnt that:

If you miss an opportunity 
don't fill the eyes with tears. 
It will hide another better opportunity in front of you

In the mid of Jan, 2010, I came back to my home (for eating & staying with family), Indore. And, after passing some days at home, I thought, lets do whatever you get in KPO as a research work. I decided to change my profile, because all my profile jobs are filled also no luck with sister centers of IFMR. Fortunately, on 17th Jan, when I arrived at home, next day, I read about ICICI bank conducting walk ins in Indore. I went for walk in interviews, but when I reached to the interview venue, you can't imagine how many perwinders were already standing, sitting, yelling, and some are filling forms. In two days of walk-in ICICI bank received 9000 applications and they are calling for interviews if they find something good in your CV. Anyway, I also submitted my CV at 10:30 am, they suggest me to wait for sometime for interview call. Then, at around 3 pm, after a long cowing with ICICI staff, I saw one of my batch mate, coming down from the stairs. He was working in this bank since 3 years at Indore branch and I was totally unaware. Fortunately, he saw me and called, hey Perwinder, what are doing here. I said, when you come to Indore. He said long time since joining I am here, lets come to the office & sit, we'll talk. He asked so, hows your job going? where you based? I know this is your hometown, I also tried to track you but no luck. And, I was totally shocked and mum, he is my batch mate, oh God, in Indore, I don't know this, how terrible is this. Then, he said, give me your CV I will process it, wait here for half an hour, let me talk to the HR. And, finally, I got the call. The interview was really good except my hand writing, I was not aware that ICICI also checks your hand writing. I have to wait for at least two months for joining call as HR said. And, at that moment, I could not wait for two months more. 

I started to look for research posts in KPO/BPOs in Delhi and Mumbai only. After 2 to 3 weeks, I came across to a job which was titled as Research Associate and the profile was totally matching to my skills. I called to company and phone picked by a girl. I talked to her for this position and she said I need to go to IQOR website and give the online test. I said Ok and thanks for this. On the same day, I gave the test, was good. 
                           After a week on 5th Feb, I got an offer letter from them, it says you are recruited as a Trainee, your salary is Rs.9k/month in training period then It will increase by 33% + other benefits, If you are interested, start your job from 8th Feb morning 9:30 am. See, what happened here, You know what, in this letter no contact information given to whom I can talk about this profile. They have just given the address of office and an email id for further queries. Anyway, I wrote an email to them about the profile and career path. But, no response, and same day I took the decision and booked the train ticket to Noida to join this company. Before leaving Indore, I should look for some staying arrangements, which should be near to the company. Then, I started calling to my Sikh circle's known & unknown friends. And, By god-will, I got one, who is my known by one month only and another since two years. On the arrival day, 7th Feb, I stayed in Faridabad at a friend house, (I have done a first time email communication to this person one month back on a kirtan group). He even don't know anything about me however for the help, he is always ready to help anyone at any point of time, he picked me from the railway station at 4:30 am in the morning, can you imagine this. On 7th Feb, I got a beautiful welcome by waheguru ji (God) also, on this day, there was a programe going on by Dodra Kirtan Group, and it was a last day. I am really thankful to my friend who gave me this chance to have congregation of peaceful souls.  

The first day of my job at IQOR goes very well and it seems like, I was sitting in a call center kind of company with well trained professionals. That day we have around 50 people in the training room, I thought there will be various positions they hired for. Then, we have served with a free meal by IQOR and then half day. The first day, I was wondering about the profile and where I would be locating.
                                                                                                      Next day, afternoon, finally, I asked to one of trainer that Sir, how many days this training will go on and after that where, we are going to locate? He said this training will be for a week or two n then you all will go to calling floor for a test. Then I asked, Sir, I applied for Research Associate post, trainer asked, where? I said, well, at IQOR only. He said Whatttttttt? We dont hire any research staff, we are a collection agency, and we do calls & collect debt from US people on the behalf of a collection agencies and original creditors. Then, he asked me, what are you looking for at IQOR? and who took your interview, and I was totally out of words, what should I say now. I didn't have any option to accept this job, because this job is the food for me in Noida city. I said, Its ok, Sir, nice to talk to you, I would like to improve my communication skills and want to earn money, have great day, thanks. Then, he was very happy to had these expectation from me. On this job, no body have taken my interview, and all other colleagues recruited after the interview. I am the only exception case in this batch joined IQOR. I just pushed by someone (i believe, god) to this job.

Next day, I got a very beautiful staying arrangement at Noida (very unexpected, comfortable, economical, and also with the congregation of Sikhs), which is arranged by one of my two year old friend. In fact, it is like a home. You will have kitchen, hot water for bathing, a maid (for cooking food, washing clothes, cleaning house, everything). So, here you can see the gifts as an arrangement from God.

Here, my teacher (Gurbani) says:

Gwl n imilE syv n imilE imilE Awie AicMqw ]
ghaal n miliou saev n miliou miliou aae achinthaa |
We cannot meet the Lord by our own efforts, nor can we meet Him through service; He comes and meets us spontaneously. 

In simple language it says, god is not like any physical structure, no picture. It is a positive will power residing in your body. In the above lines, you can read about 'own efforts', yes, you need to continue your own efforts but don't be a egoistic, excessive pride due to one's possessions or selfish that you have done this or you are doing better from others. Dear friend, this sentence teaches you about the humbleness towards your deeds which is given by your original creator. And, he is transferring those fruits/success on it. 

You know, he always take care of you, everywhere, anywhere, any time. You just need to act, he will open the door for you. He always give smile on you. You need to understand the life, which is given by him and his will.

So, now i am at IQOR as a Jr.Agent also a research consultant for Chicago University (part time). Soon I will let you know about his (God) next step for me.....

Mistakes are painful when they happen

But year's later collection of mistakes is called experience, which leads to success.

Thanks for your time to read this.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Change in Life

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa.The Khalsa [pure ones] belongs to God.
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.Victory belongs to God.
(WJKK WJKF Chatting version)

The most common usage of the word Waheguru is in the greeting Sikhs use with each other, like in english we call hello, hi; In hind Namestey, namskar; In Islam WaLaikum SaLam AsaLam-O-Alaikum. 

First time, I heard this greeting, when i met to Khalsa Youth Association (KYA) members (God/waheguru bless to me) in Ahmedabad on 21st May, 2006. After getting into this graceful congregation my life getting change, slowly slowly i was going to a unique way of life, no body can go here without the blessing of waheguruji (Sri Guru Granth Sahibji). Here, i would like to share my starting point when god called to me in a very unexpected way, here Gurbani says:

Ang/page: 672

Ghaal n miliou saev n miliou miliou aae achinthaa |

We cannot meet the Lord by our own efforts, nor can we meet Him through service; He comes and meets us spontaneously.
Jaa ko dhaeiaa karee maerai thaakur thin gurehi kamaano manthaa |3|
One who is blessed by my Lord Master's Grace, practices the Teachings of the Guru's Mantra. ||3||
In my first placement after MBA, I transferred to Ahmedabad, it was so sudden. In first 15 days I stayed at my friend's home and searching room, simultaneously. I spent first 10 days like anything but could not get any room. On 11th day, I got a call, caller said dear, I heard that you are finding room near Vastrapur or SG highway. I said yes, I am. He said, please come and meet me at SG highway after Gurudwara Gobind dham, I can show a room to you which is on third floor of my house, would you like to see it? I said whyyyy not, I am coming now, please wait. Then, that time I never even tried to say hello or hi to Gurudwara sahibji while passing it. And, it was really a good one on a very nominal rent.
I started to stay their from 15th May, 2006. Then, after a week on Sunday 21st May, I was passing by Gurudwara and going to IIM for time pass. But, by grace of god suddenly, It came to my mind that lets go inside today to the gurudwara and give thanks to waheguruji for giving room and everything. Then, there was an announcement going on by KYA members about gurmat activities in evening at Gurudwara sahibji's langar hall (an open hall situated with all Sikh Gurdwaras where Langar or free vegetarian food is served (no cast bar everyone is welcome). One has to sit on the carpeted floor in straight lines called "pentaa" as a sign that everyone is equal before God and that no one has a higher or lower status in Waheguru's domain). This day was my turning point when I got a twist in my life. 
                                           In the evening, I met with Mr.Harpreet Singh and Mr.Satinder Singh who are the founder of KYA concept and they said waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh to me and I was looking at them what happened what I have done and they laughed at me. He said yes verji (brother) what we can do for you. I introduced to them and said, in the morning I heard that there is an activity going to start by you guys? They said Yes, yes come inside and give your name to that verji. I said, Ok thanks thats great. But, I don't want to participate in the activities I said. I will be a voluntary to help you in the activities. They said, verji, It is really great for your interest and yes you can join us welcome to Khalsa Youth Association. And, every day and every meeting I feel very satisfied moment of life and honestly, I shared my all past (bad and good deeds) to the association members. 
I really enjoyed these lines when they repeat each and everytime in meetings with Sikhs. Like on phone, start with wjkk wjkf and end with wjkk wjkf in full form etc. Whenever they meet with any Sikh (known - unknown) they greet with wjkk wjkf. In every time I laughed on this moment and they amazed and grinned on me "how stupid perwinder is". And after some days, I realized that this is a very important msg for a Sikh to say when meeting to other Sikhs or Sikh family. It has following benefits:
- You are with god
- Remembering waheguru
- Starter for starting any talk or discussion
- Welcome message ending msg and remembering that we are under hukam (command of God)
Explanation may differ person to person.
No one can go back and change a bad beginning; 
But anyone can start now and create a successful ending.
After all, in the last week of Dec and starting of Jan, when I was on trip to Punjab in my field study at IIM, I decided to have amrit sanchar at Amritsar and you know, I was wondering when and how should I ask for a holiday from Prof.Sukhpal Singh in the field work, It seems unresponsive. But, I knew it, god is always ahead of my thinking and doing. He already made the arrangement. When we have finished the field work on 31st Dec, Sunday, in the afternoon only, that day, out of the box prof. said, lets do some outing, have done lots of field work, lets have a visit to wagah border today and everybody shocked because we never or nothing expected this outing on 31st Dec from his side, we thought we would have another day for field but prof said next day is the holiday for all. And, our cabs moved to wagah just after the lunch and while coming back, I requested to Prof, Sir, I am willing to go to Amritsar for amrit sanchar and he said why not go ahead this is very important for you. He said, waheguruji has given you this chance, go. I said, thanks sir, I will be back by tomro afternoon to Jalandhar (operation site). I was very very happy and thankful to God. He is next to great, no body knows to whom, when and how he is going to bless with these gifts, he always comes spontaneously. Same day, I arrived at Darbar Sahibji, you know, this was my first visit to darbar sahibji after 3 to 4 years. It was too cold at that time.
                                                                      Next morning at 6 am, I need to get prepare for amrit sanchar ceremony, which is going to start at 12 noon at Akal Takhat. First of all, I took bath and washed my hair, I never thought how I am going to dry my hairs in this dense fog. Then, I moved to buy kakaars from the market, I need to have 5 kakaars before getting into amrit process. In the following you can see the picture for explanation:
Every 'K' have its own importance scientifically and spiritually. I called them as a school dress for entering into waheguruji's special school for their students, where you are going to learn about life. My dear readers, keep one thing very clear, that amrit sancher you take because, you don't know anything about Sikh life, its not needed that, first you learn all about Sikhs life then you come for amritsanchar many people think about same way, but it is wrong. You are taking amrit to learn something from waheguruji - Guru Granth Sahibji (teacher), it is just like a school, when you take admission in class 1st standard you are totally unaware  about the subjects and teaching what your teacher going to teach you. Dear, you will learn after the admission and giving exams, doing mistakes and then passing on to next standards from it. There are different stages in this school to reach to waheguruji. And, waheguru only know how and when he should give it to you, he will show you the path/way how to meet with him, you just need to follow his teachings, and his teachings are served in doingsadh sangat (congregation of amritdhari singhs & kaurs), here I am doing some discrimination among sikhs because after amrit sanchar it matters, who better understand the Gurbani (teachings of waheguruji). Anybody can take this amrit but he has to keep all five k's with his/her body till the death.    So, this is the way of waheguruji, how he got me into it. Now, people called me khalsa ji, Mr. Singh, Perwinder Singh.   Bhatia is my last name and Singh is my surname.   
Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Please post your suggestions and comments, what more i should add into this writing, Please forgive me for the grammatical mistakes, i dont have english background in the study but still i would like to share the life, this writing is not my writing it is all waheguruji. I just typed it.